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How To Get Rid of Punctuation Mistakes in Essay Writing

Writing college papers, students always make a lot of errors. Punctuation issues and typos are the most common essay mistakes. Since submitted assignments have to be error-free, learners examine their writings thoroughly. They check every word to make their papers perfect and get a top grade. It's easy to spot and correct misspellings since all people know how to write words correctly. Also, most text editing software used for writing papers highlights any words that contain typos simultaneously. However, students also need to use proper spacings, commas, brackets, periods, and other punctuation marks to divide words into sentences and deliver thoughts professionally. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different rules, for example, the poor correspondence of the main question in the essay to the assignment, so students can make a lot of mistakes because of a lack of knowledge.

Learn Most Common Mistakes

The best thing you can do if you want to create error-free writings is to learn the most widespread errors. Common punctuation mistakes in academic writing are: 

  • extraneous apostrophes; 
  • issues with quotation mark;
  • missed or overused commas;
  • use of the serial comma. 

The improper use of apostrophes is the most prevalent issue that students face. If you want to write a word in the plural, you must follow the corresponding grammar rules. However, in most cases, you need to add an "s." The apostrophe has to be added if you write a word in a possessive form. Also, students often confuse "it's" and "its." The apostrophe is used for contractions. The word could be replaced with "it is" or "it has." However, "its" is a possessive pronoun that indicates belonging.

It's very important to use commas properly. The lack of commas is one of the common mistakes in argumentative essay writing. A long sentence that is not divided by punctuation marks is hard to read. Usually, it looks like a block of words that delivers no helpful information. At the same time, it's vital not to overuse them. Consider splitting a sentence that implies too many commas by a period.

Use Power of Artificial Intelligence

These days, there are a lot of different tools that help writers eliminate mistakes in their papers. Since punctuation marks are used to deliver ideas properly, common spell-checking tools can hardly spot all the errors. However, the fast-paced development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps edit papers and get rid of almost all punctuation issues in papers. Online tools analyze the context of writings and offer the best suggestions. The most popular ones are:

  • Grammarly;
  • ProWritingAid;
  • WhiteSmoke.

These tools can make any fast paper writing almost perfect. They help avoid punctuation Mistakes In Essay rapidly. Moreover, they all have free plans. For instance, these tools can flag a misplaced comma, lack of brakes, or improper use of apostrophes in a few seconds.

Be Very Attentive to Details

Nevertheless, no tool provides a 100% guarantee that your paper will be free of any mistakes. If you want to get the top grade for your essay, you need to proofread it thoroughly. Reading your assignment, you need to be very attentive and examine all punctuation marks. When you see it in a sentence, ask yourself, "Why did I place it here?" If you're not sure if you need to use a comma or a dash, double-check the writing rules. In mere words, you need to pay attention to any punctuation mark in your writing and justify its use.

If you want to be 100% sure that your essay is perfect, feel free to reach a skilled writer and ask to check for punctuation mistakes in an essay. You can reach your friend who always gets As for academic tasks and ask for assistance polishing a paper. Otherwise, you can find an reliable education site like https://www.kootmansclass.com and ask an expert who will proofread your paper online.