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How to Write an Essay Fast Like a Pro?

Every student has experienced discomfort at least once while writing college papers. Nobody likes hours of online sessions looking for information. In addition, even simple papers at first glance can cause you a lot of trouble. One of the most common types of writing tasks is an essay. This is why you should pay attention to where you should start. How to write an argumentative essay quickly? Let's find this out.

Types of Papers You Should Know About

Before starting a war, you should know your enemy. Any student should know that there are four main types of essays. Of course, there are many types of papers, but these tasks will be assigned most often. Here's what you should remember first.

  • Narrative Essays (tell us about the plot, characters, setting, and other elements)
  • Descriptive Essays (describe specific items, terms, or people in detail)
  • Expository Essays (research and discussion of a problem and its importance)
  • Argumentative Essays (argumentation of a certain point of view based on evidence)

As a rule, you will not have to spend more than 5-8 hours on the average college paper. The fact is that most essays are 500 words long and have a general structure. You have an introduction, three main paragraphs, and a conclusion. Sometimes professors will give you 1-2 weeks to complete your paper. This period should be sufficient for any assignment.

The Difference Between Slow & Fast Writing

How to write an essay quickly? This question worries some students for a reason. The point is that academic writing is a rather complicated process. It all depends on the type of task and topic. Let's say you should read a poem or a short story. Your next step is to describe the characters and their goals. Such papers will not take more than a day. Spend a couple of hours reading and write down everything you learn. But what if you have to argue your point of view? How to write an essay for me or any other assignment fast in this case?

Then you will not be able to spend a couple of hours and forget about the task. The fact is that some essays are quite complex and require a search of reliable sources. You will have to look for proven data, quotes and build your argumentation based on indisputable facts. Therefore, you will not be able to cope in 1-3 hours. But how to write an essay fast? Fortunately, some life hacks can help you cut down on your work time. You won't be able to write essays quickly, but the difference will be very noticeable. Let's say you can save even a few days.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write a Top-Rated Paper Fast

  1. Check the Requirements

    Every person strives to write paper quickly. But first, you need to look at the requirements that the professor gave you. As a diligent writer, you must analyze what is required of you. Do you need to prove a statement, describe something, or argue for a personal point of view? think about how to write an essay that will most accurately answer the question of the task. Can you talk about anything superficially, or do you need to refer to research and generally accepted rules? If you clarify these details, the process of writing a paper will be much easier for you.

  2. Research Your Topic

    Writing an essay requires at least a basic understanding of the aspects you are writing about. Take at least 1-2 hours to find examples or read the articles you want. Then you will understand what it is about. This step is especially important if you will be referring to research or describing certain terms. Everyone wants to write essays quickly, but there is a necessary time limit for studying a topic.

  3. Make an Outline

    Start with this section as you need a layout for your paragraphs. Take at least 15-20 minutes to identify the base points. You will most likely need to create a flat outline when you start writing an essay. This will allow you to navigate further actions until you begin to study the topic in detail and look for specific data.

  4. Create the Key Sentences for Each Paragraph

    The fact is that any writer from www.kootmansclass.com can cope with the task faster with mini hints. Each of your paragraphs should relate to a specific aspect or topic. Write at least 1-2 introductory sentences so that you can quickly continue your thought. Typically, any student starts essay creation with paragraphs. Follow chronological order, or list the main points for your arguments. Then you do not have to waste time trying to navigate your paper.

  5. Make the Introduction and Final Part Solid

    If you want to write an essay fast, you don't have to start with an introduction. The point is that this part of your papers should be convincing and contain a hook. The conclusion also needs to be strong. You shouldn't list all those theses that were in the paragraphs. Try to summarize everything you wrote about earlier. The final sentence should be concise. There is no need to leave room for reflection or ask a lot of rhetorical questions. Then you can write an essay fast.

Useful Features to Speed up Your Essay Writing Skills

Want to write an essay without any problems? Then you should pay attention to some features that can help you save time. These tips work well even if you are not going to write your papers very fast. Let's check this out.

Don't Edit Alone

Want to write papers and not waste a lot of time. Then you shouldn't edit alone. Think about which of your friends or relatives can help you. The fact is that the process of finding errors or correcting proposals can take a very long time. If you decide to write a paper yourself, you will be very tired. Slight absent-mindedness can lead to errors. As a result, you will have to spend more time fixing inaccuracies.

It is best if you ask your college friends for help. The fact is that your peers are on the same wavelength as you and can quickly find any mistakes in your essay writing or missed fact. You can even chat using instant messengers. Just submit the files and wait for your friend to read all the paragraphs.

Comfortable Workplace Is a Must

If you want to avoid wasting time with unnecessary fuss, you need to find a quiet and comfortable workplace. Let's say you're about to start working at home. Then you should write an essay when no one is home. You can also work in the morning or late at night when all your relatives are asleep. Then you can make it quick and not be distracted by requests or any annoying factors.

Follow a Standard Structure

If you want to learn how to make your tasks fast, you should use the standard five-paragraph structure. If your assignment does not imply any special actions or sub-clauses, this will reduce the work time. Just make it quick and don't get distracted by additional research if it doesn't need to be done as required.

Quality Is a Must

Most likely, you have heard at least once that it is better to write more words than required and only then delete unnecessary sentences. But this is not the quickest way to deal with your papers. Try to spend more time on quality. Formulate your thoughts concisely so that you don't have to delete a few extra paragraphs. In addition, you should complete all logical chains and not return to them further. Then your assignment will be written faster.

Don't Forget about a Revision

As you know, revisions are required for every job. Set aside up to 15 minutes in advance to check for grammatical errors or any inaccuracies. If you know the average time to check one text out of five paragraphs, it will be easier for you to cope with your assignment. Turn on the timer and determine how long you had to edit or improve your text. You can gradually reduce the average time to 10 minutes.

Set the Right Atmosphere

You should not start work if something annoys you or your mood is darkened by some incident. Sit for 10-20 minutes and relax. Sip lemon tea, eat a sandwich or play your favorite music. Even if you spend about an hour resting, you can still be productive. As a result, you will reduce the average time spent on your assignment. Try to find the most comfortable working environment. Put on your headphones or charge. Then oxygenated blood will help your brain work better.

Make a Checklist

It is best if you have several checklists, depending on the type of assignment. Then you can spend just 10 minutes checking all the points and making sure that you did the job perfectly. You will have to spend a couple of evenings to get all the work done at the first stage. But all subsequent tasks will become much easier for you. Just try this life hack.