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10 Useful Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay Like a Pro

Typically, most first-year students are skeptical about assignments like essays. There is a myth that such papers are quite simple and do not require a lot of time. But is it really so? It is not enough for you to present an argument regarding an issue or topic. Such a task requires careful analysis of the facts and serious preparation. But don't worry. Here are ten helpful tips for writing an argumentative essay. You'll now be able to create a killer paper.

  1. Pick an Interesting Topic

  2. What's the main factor that can help you make your paper better? As a rule, this is your personal interest. The point is that nobody wants to write on uninteresting topics. If your professor is ready to give you the freedom to choose, then take a look at the most exciting options. Don`t forget, your topics must be relevant to the main question essay. Here's an example of topics that are interesting enough.

    1. Why do Japanese people live longer than Americans?
    2. Why is compulsory military service no longer relevant in the modern world?
    3. Will humanity be able to colonize Mars in 50 years?

    Think of the topic's data as a guide to writing an argumentative essay. You should be interested in writing about an event or object. Then you can count on a good result.

  3. Do Background Research

  4. Once you have chosen a good topic, you need to find trusted sources and gather enough information. The point is that all your arguments should be based on facts. Try to collect as much data as possible so as not to look unfounded. But don't be in a hurry.

  5. Know About Both Sides

  6. As a rule, this type of assignment involves considering a problem or any issue from two sides. You don't need to be biased. Look at the problem from different angles and provide arguments that will be relevant to each option. Then your assignment will be highly appreciated by your professor at www.kootmansclass.com. Try not to take sides and be an outside observer, describing only the facts.

  7. Create an Outline

  8. Writing an argumentative essay outline is 50% of your success. Create a "carcass" for your paper, shape the thesis and sequence of all your points. When you have a rough template for getting started, you will need less time for all activities. Don't ignore this part of your essay. Think of an outline as something to help you avoid getting lost in a huge amount of data.

  9. Write an Outstanding Introduction

  10. This part is extremely important for your assignment. Try to summarize the essence of your research, the key issues, and your thesis. Feel free to add rhetorical questions or a specific hook to emphasize any problem and the importance of solving it. Then you can write a really good and fast essay.

  11. Present Your Argument

  12. Start your first paragraph with a key argument. You must describe the main evidence supporting a particular opinion or factor. Try to be as open-minded as possible. Rely on credible sources like some research or scientific articles. You can even quote someone if it helps you support the main argument.

  13. Provide Counter Argument

  14. Now it's time for counterarguments. You want to be open-minded, right? Show the opposite opinion and provide evidence. As a rule, there are quite a few cases where your topic can have two or more counterarguments. Do not hurry. Find good evidence to add to your paper. Then you can operate with facts.

  15. Provide Evidence

  16. Any essay looks faded without proof. You don't want your arguments to look like your opinion, do you? Then find reliable sources. Let's say you claim that Tesla cars can cover the longest distance without extra charging thanks to very large batteries. Provide proof and check if the company has no competitors when it comes to power capacity.

  17. Do a Strong Conclusion

  18. One of the main steps to writing an argumentative essay is a good conclusion. The fact is that you must summarize all the data you've mentioned in your assignment. Try to be concise. Don't retell every point. Indicate what arguments you have provided and how well-founded they are.

  19. Proofread and Edit

  20. And here is the final part. Let's say you have completed the task. Reread the entire text several times. Try to correct all possible grammatical and stylistic mistakes in an essay. In addition, you should rewrite the weak parts that do not fit the style and format of your assignment. Then you don't have to worry about high grades.