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Please enjoy the Brainpop video below. However, if you are currently in class right now you do need to earn that privelage (it IS school you know).
You will need to leave a comment below and include your first name. This comment needs to be one of the following:
  • something interesting you learned
  • something you still have a question about
  • a response to someone else's question or comment

First, tell what video you viewed (because they will change every week) and then make sure your comment is original and thoughtful.  For instance, if you watch a video about sharks, don't say "I learned about sharks." or "sharks have sharp teeth and eat meat." Tell something that you did not know before!  It must be something original and not someone else's.

Make sure you use  complete sentences and write your first name only at the end of your comment. Beware if you are caught watching a video and not leaving a comment! :)
-FYI, these videos are intended for students of all grade levels and may be advanced for some elementary students.