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This page lists some of the activities student in room 40 may do at appropriate times.  If your work is done (well).  Have fun and learn at the same time using these tools. All projects must be approved by Mr. Kootman and based on fourth grade standards.  They must be planned out on paper before you begin. Completed projects will be posted on our Creativity at Work Blog .

Additional computer activities:

If you are a teacher and want to learn how and when to use  these standards based projects that motivate your students, increase learning and increase parent communication please visit NativeConsulting.com

Are the projects the students create graded?
The digital projects that the students create are posted on the Creativity at Work blog.  Some of the projects are graded; most are not.  I usually grade the projects that I assign to all students.  This functions as a type of alternative assessment for students to showcase their learning (as well as reinforce, extend and motivate).
However, most of the projects on the blog are chosen by students as "extra" work.  These projects were not specifically assigned or mandated.  Students chose to do them because they enjoy the process or creation, publishing and viewing/responding to others work.  This is one of the largest motivators in my classroom.  I generally do not grade these projects, as I want to maintain intrinsic motivation for the students.
As more reluctant students see their peers create these projects, they become excited at making their own.  Suddenly, students who were never able to complete their work are finishing it and showing much greater enthusiasm for learning because they want to get to their digital project.