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These are the same spelling words that the Open Court language arts program uses.

Every week there is a new sound/spelling that the list focuses on.

The last lesson repeats many of the unit's previous words

To build spelling proficiency in class, we:

· Discuss the spelling pattern or sound this week's list focuses on.

· View a huge image of the word on our projection screen.

To do this, I change my MS Word "zoom" to about 275% and then

I use my projector's zoom to cut off the unnecessary borders

  1. say the word

  2. spell the word clearly

  3. say the word again

  4. write the word clearly on our paper

  • From there, the students have created their own spelling list to study from for the week!
  • We also use the same sheet of paper to write the words four additional times (OK, so old habits die hard).

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

Unit 6